Annual Report 2019-20

Respected Dignitaries off the dais, Parents, invitees, teachers and my dear students.

A very good evening to one and all gathered here. With pleasure, I put forth the report of the year 2019. As of now, we have 705 students, we have 32 on the teaching staff and 15 nonteaching staff.

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible”.We presented the 10th batch of class 10 of the All India Secondary School Examination under the CBSE Board. As usual, the results are a 100% pass.

The most striking part of our results is that all 51 appeared are Ist classes with 21 distinctions and 30 Ist classes. We congratulate these students for their exemplary performance. Our President of the NET, Mr. Vinaya Hegde, honored the top scorers with a cash prize.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. The school imparts the best of education using modern techniques like power points and smart classes. Practical teaching through teaching aids, experiments, and activities individually and in groups helps students to perform better in academics. Besides, a free coaching facility is available to students from classes 6 – 10. Our all-India level board results are a testimony to this.

But this alone does not make an individual perfect. We also stress values, discipline, and etiquette.

Extracurricular activities are also equally balanced along with academics. Drawing, classical and contemporary dance, eastern and western singing, and taekwondo are integrated into the school syllabus. Besides this, literary and cultural competitions like quiz and debate to harness their oratory skills, vegetable carving, calligraphy, and fancy dress are also conducted.
All students have the liberty to choose any sport of interest, and free coaching after school hours is provided. For this purpose, a special bus is arranged to drop them at the main stops.

"One Best Book is equal to Hundred Good Friends, One Good Friend is equal to a Library."

Our library is stacked with 13,000 books, and both staff and students are issued books on a daily basis. Our library is open to students even during vacations.

Our Atal Tinkering Lab is a hub of activities. Classes 6-9 tinker in the lab for one period weekly once. Interested students stay back after school on Saturday noon and come out with interesting working and non-working models.

External Exams such as Science Olympiad in G.K/Math/English & Cyber are conducted, and spell bee competitions are conducted. This, we believe, enables our students to think beyond the box.

Due to our notable achievements in all fields, I am proud to state that the Central Board of Secondary Education has selected our school as the lead collaborator school and allotted five other schools to us to share our ideas and methods for their improvement.

Leadership qualities are imbibed through the formation of a prefectorial board every year. Besides, every student, section-wise, gets a chance to be leaders in their respective classes for a week. Days of National importance such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Founders Day, Teachers Day, and Children’s Day are all celebrated in a grand manner. Some special days like vigilance week, Fit India & Ekta Diwas are also observed with a special assembly.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” Special activities like ‘Rose Week’ are observed to create empathy and make students experience the joy of giving and sharing. This year the collected amount of Rose week was handed over to one of our bus drivers whose child was suffering from cancer.

‘Birthday Fund’ is another voluntary activity wherein students get an opportunity to donate something on their birthdays so that they experience the joy of giving and feel the pleasure of sharing.

A team of students works for an ‘inhouse’ newspaper, “Nitte Times,” under the guidance of the co-ordinator Mrs. Vedavathi and it is funded by well-wishers. This gives them exposure to journalism.

As the humorous saying goes, “Lips are like friends. If we say work, study, read, write, they never meet. But, if we say part, picnic play, they meet immediately”. Picnic is a time for fun, a break from a monotonous routine. Our students are taken for picnics every year. A lot of values are learned here. Sharing, caring, co-operation, concern, empathy, etc.

Our annual magazine “Blossoms,” released today, also showcases the talents of our students and encourages creative articles, stories, poems, drawings, etc.

The school boasts of yet another activity. The classroom Connect with Hutchesons. Probably we are the only school in the whole of south Karnataka, having this classroom connect and sponsored trip to Scotland every year. We had nine visitors this time, including two teachers and seven students. The interactions between our Nitte and Hutchie students have been fantastic and our team of 2 students and one teacher, totally funded by them. Adithi and Srinivas, along with Mrs. Veena Shetty, visited Scotland for nine days, totally funded by Hutchesons. Mrs. Shree Mudradi coordinated the whole programme beautifully.

We have a team Penpals where the students get partners and share their views about the books they read.

A survey was conducted by the students on the theme Teenagers Mental Health to find the problems in the teenagers and give solutions to the problems. The school invites resource people to give a talk to our students on hazards of plastic usage, cleanliness, environmental protection career guidance, etc. We strongly believe in the saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body” DPT/TT injections, de-worming tablets are made available to students in the school besides having a dental checkup and general health checkups.

Students are encouraged to contribute in outdoor activities like cleaning of the school compound, gardening, etc.

As far as the achievement of the school goes, you have already witnessed the prize-awarding ceremony by the chief guest a short while ago. Dear Parents, I would not be reading it out again. Please watch the slides for a moment. Once again, I congratulate all students and their parents for their support and encouragement.

Teaching is more of a moral commitment rather than just a profession. It is a service to mankind that demands a lot of responsibility, patience, sacrifice, energy, and beyond all being a role model in everything we do.

Besides being updated, to bridge the gap with the younger generation, our teachers attend several enrichment programmes conducted by CBSE.

I should say. Indeed I am blessed to be working with my dedicated and loving faculty, who are always ready for a change and work hard for the betterment of students and school. On this day, I acknowledge with gratitude the selfless services of our teaching and non-teaching faculty.

For the smooth functioning of the school, we also depend upon the services of our bus drivers and conductors, Resident Engineer and his staff, electrical dept of NMAMIT, and the security staff. I acknowledge their services with gratitude on this day.

I articulate my deep sense of gratitude to all the donors for their generous contribution. We are ever beholden to them.

Parents, I believe you are partners in education. You are all ultimate role models for your children. This is an opportunity for me to thank each and every one personally for your co-operation, support, and goodwill because it is your support that encourages and helps us to carry on with our enthusiasm. Your cooperation has given us a powerful atmosphere in the school to work better. Thank you very much, and you extend it always.

I thank Mr. Ganesh, our ex-drawing teacher, for the backdrop decoration of the stage free of cost.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Principal of NMAMIT, Dr. Niranjan Chiplunkar, Dr. Shrinivasa Rao B.R. Vice Principal & COE of NMAMIT, Dr. Sudesh Bekal, Dean, NMAMIT for sponsoring our tri-monthly inhouse Newspaper “Nitte Times”.

I thank Dr. Udaykumar Shenoy, parent of Shreevardhan and Shreekeerthan of class 9 and 4, Ravidas Kudva, parent of Vaishnavi & Navami of class 9 and 4, Uday Rao, parent of Prem of class 10, for providing conveyance to the students for the competition.

I extend genuine gratitude to the Rector Mrs. & Mr. Gambles of Scotland for wholeheartedly sponsoring education to two of our students. On behalf of the entire gathering, I express my heartfelt thanks to the Chief Guest, Dr. Narayan Shedikaje, for gracing this occasion, giving away the prizes, and having spent your precious time amidst us.

I thank our Registrar, Mr. Yogeesh Hegde, in his absence, who is a wonderful human being par excellence and ever ready to guide us and support us. I remain very grateful to our Management for their unstinting support in all activities of the school. Their goodwill, support, and trust are all that are empowering us to advance further. We are fortunate to be associated with Nitte.

My dear children, we are here because of you. You have all worked hard to make this day a memorable one. I am very happy to say that all students are involved in some of the other stage performances today. Thank you, my dear children and your parents, too, for the encouragement and support.

We thank Lord Almighty for showering his choicest blessings on this institution and pray for his continued blessings on our entire Nitte families.

Thank you, one and all. Let’s sit back and enjoy EKTAA 2019

I end by quoting Albert Einstein’s words “Only a life lived for others, is a life worthwhile”.

Thank you once again.